Sophie Yaeger


Professional Singer & Voice Coach

Sophie Yaeger

Sophie is a singing and voice performance specialist, whose approach is to guide individuals to utilize their voice to its maximum potential while maintaining optimal vocal health.

To accomplish this Sophie uses a a combination of science based techniques, traditional voice methods, and bodywork techniques plus encouraging a healthy mental outlook for peak vocal use. The voice is an extremely complex and personal instrument which involves ones whole self and body, not just your vocal folds. Any form of misuse, tension, stress or emotional strain can lead to unwanted or potentially serious issues.

Sophie has developed a holistic coaching style utilising various methods as she has witnessed this to bring out exceptional results in singers and speakers. Every voice is unique, so must the training of it be to discover how each voice works at its best.

While singing is exciting and enjoyable, training can sometimes be daunting and frustrating so it is important for a student to find a coach/teacher who not only has exceptional knowledge and skill of the voice but with whom you can be yourself, have absolute trust and be able to build a rapport with.

Sophie aim's to create an atmosphere where her clients feel safe and excited to explore where their voice can go. No matter how big or small your goal, Sophie loves helping people free their voices.

Experience & Training

Sophie is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Voice Pedagogy. She first started developing her own craft of dancing/singing/acting at age 2 with weekly private coaching and lessons up to age 18, moving on to train professionally for 4 years in musical theatre, acting and voice at Herbert Berghof Studios, NYC and Guildford School of Acting, London. She further trained in the Estill Voice Method intensively since 2006, studied and mentored with some of the leading voice coaches and researchers in the US and the UK.

Sophie came to voice coaching in 2012 while living in NYC where she worked mainly with musical theatre performers and actors. Now she predominantly teaches CCM (contemporary commercial music) clients focusing on pop/rock/jazz/experimental/folk/musical theatre. The knowledge she has gained allows her to also work with classical singers to varying degrees.

Sophie has been a professional singer and performer for over 18 years and has worked internationally in theatre and contemporary commercial genres, as well as working across many other areas of the music and arts industry. When Sophie is not coaching voices for the day, she works as a professional singer/performer and continues develop her craft and knowledge through courses, workshops and individual study.

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