High Gain Guitar Class

Our guitar classes are for a maximum 6 guitarists - over the course of a month (a 1-hour class per week for 5 weeks) we will band together as a group with the goal of listening, learning, practising and performing a contemporary song! We will learn to play scales and chords relative to the subject song, analyse and listen to the written music, practise together, then perform it in the final class as a guitarist ensemble.

Guitar classes are a social and fun environment, as well as being a cost effective alternative to private guitar lessons. Guitar classes are booked in cycles of 5 weeks for £40.

Note: All guitarists should bring their own guitar.

£8 per class


  • Absolute Beginners
    No requirements or ability needed

    This class covers the basics of guitar such as picking, simple scales, chords, riffs and very basic music theory.
  • Beginners
    Requires basic knowledge and playing ability using open chords, major/minor scales and a grasp of basic music theory.

    This class covers learning full songs and understanding the underlying music, scales and chords used.
  • Intermediates
    Requires ability to play full songs and have well rounded knowledge of scales, chords and music theory.

    This class delves into more advanced techniques, improvisation and challenging guitar material and into advanced music theory.

groups & class schedule

  • Absolute Beginners
    Monday 4.00-5.00pm
  • Beginners
    (Group 1) Monday 5.15-6.15pm
    (Group 2) Monday 6:30-7:30pm
  • Intermediates TBC

Class Grouping
Classes are generally split into age groups of kids (7-12), teenagers (13-18) and adults (18+) and difficulties of absolute beginners/beginners/intermediates. Whilst age is taken into consideration, skill level is considered equally (sometimes even first) as to best match students and their abilities into the most appropriate group.

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